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  1. Professional, certified appraisals, done at your location
  2. Appraisals accepted by insurance companies, courts of law and IRS 
  3. An electronic PDF can normally be e-mailed within 24 hours of viewing.  Hard copies will be mailed upon request.
  4. Electronic PDF files can be sent directly to your insurance agent 
  5. Most appraisals between $159 to $175
  6. Outstanding credentials - Over 45 years in the automotive business 
  7. All vehicles are personally inspected.  No appraisals by photos.

We offer professional vehicle appraisals done in a narrative format, unlike many appraisers simply checking boxes.  This gives a much more detailed appraisal.  Appraisals are broken down into the four areas of the vehicle, engine compartment, chassis, interior and exterior with a detailed description and photos of each area.  A condition code of 1-6 is then placed on each area.  This will give a an overall condition code in which to accurately use comparables.

Serving Central & Southern Minnesota
including South, East and West Twin City Metro

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Professional appraisals done at your location.


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I do reserve the right to refuse any appraisals which may call for unrealistic expectations.  NO CONTESTED DIVORCE.