​​Collector Vehicle Appraisals uses the following fee structure for classic car appraisals.  Some of our appraisers in other areas of the country may use a slightly different schedule.   A few of our senior appraisers may add services to this list and also additional mileage charges.  If you are not in the Minnesota/ W Wisconsin area, visit our national site at WWW.I-VAN.orgto find an appraiser near you.

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Standard Automotive Insurance Valuation Appraisal:  $159.00
Most Common Classic Auto Appraisal.  Used mainly for insurance purposes but can be used for bankruptcy or just documentation as to what your car is worth.  This is a quality, multi-page document, which usually includes six plus photos and gives detailed descriptions and condition codes of the four main areas of the automobile (engine/engine compartment, chassis, interior and exterior).  A sample can be e-mailed to you upon request.  I always check for hidden rust issues and normally will decode the VIN on applicable vehicles (normally 1960's)  where this could also be an issue.

Replacement Cost Valuation:  $175.00
This is my second most popular appraisal and is many times done for insurance purposes on freshly built street rods, modified customs or drag cars where the owner has the actual receipts in hand.  This will give you valuation at least close to what you have invested.  Keep in mind these cars usually depreciate rapidly.  If an underwriter is willing to issue agreed value, all the better but most would be considered stated value and depreciation would apply if something were to happen to the vehicle.

Bank Valuation Appraisal:  $175.00  
This is usually ordered by the bank and is paid by the borrower either directly or indirectly thru the bank.  This should not be ordered by someone to give to a bank at random.  The bank is usually looking for a figure in these appraisals and it may not be met.  This can either require a larger down payment or even kill the loan offer.
Charitable Donation:  $175.00
I supply form #8283 for your accountant.  This must be done on any vehicle which you wish to deduct more than $5000 on your income taxes.

Pre-Accident:  $200.00  This is used when you have failed to get a prior appraisal and an accident happens.  I strongly recommend you have an appraisal done before this happens.  These are normally done on older, collector vehicles or maybe a vehicle that is somewhat rare.  I have found that major insurance companies normally do a pretty good job on newer vehicle valuations.

Pre-Purchase:  $300.00  (without test drive $250.00)
This is a more involved appraisal in which details on such things as running condition are looked at.  It is mainly used in situations where you may be purchasing a vehicle from an ad or on E-Bay and are unable to personally inspect the vehicle yourself.  In this situation, I am your eyes and ears.  I will also look at any areas of "your" concern.  My first concern is rust.  Electrical will be checked to make sure everything is working and a road test will be done (if permitting).  Sometimes bad weather or where the car is situated will not allow this.  Pre-Purchase inspections will always be given priorty because of time constraints such as E-BAY.

Motor-homes, Airstream Trailers:  $200.00

Expert Witness:  $200.00 per hour, plus travel(minimum 3 hours)
This falls into place when court situations arise.

Price Opinions:  varies
This is generally used in estates, for rough ideas on prices for dividing up the estate or valuation for selling a vehicle.

Research:  varies
I have the sources to go back many years to find price valuations for a vehicle, at a certain period in time.  You could call it a time machine.  This is generally used in divorce situations but could be helpful in many other situations.  I also have access to many automotive articles and publications going back to the early 1900's.

Mileage expense may be added to appraisals outside my 35 mile radius of south metro Elko/New Market, MN.  Several vehicles at the same location may offset this.  Please call or email if you fall into this category and I will give you a quote on mileage costs. Discounts on two or more vehicles at one location may also be offered.

I am located in Elko/New Market, just south of Lakeville.  Payments can be mailed to:

International Vehicle Appraisers Network
324 Knights Road
Elko/New Market, MN 55054                                         

email: dastehr@integra.net                                      

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