Big thanks!!!! What a ride down memory lane. To make it more convenient for the trucker, we had him deliver the car in Burlington about 20 minutes from the house.

The car is awesome and looks to be as much fun as you described!!!!

 I just want to thank you again,

Carl T

Dear Dennis,

 I reviewed your appraisal for the above Corvette.  I would like to compliment you on your very professional appraisal.  As an underwriter for 30 years, this is one of the most professional appraisals I have viewed and I really respect your disclaimer as not having an interest in any way pertaining to this vehicle.

 Best Regards,

 Jim L.

Thanks, Denny.

  I made a decision last night that I am not getting the car. Between the roof, VIN issues, etc, I’ll pass. Thanks for all your help.  I hope my next car I find is within your area so I can use you again.

 "Live Long and Prosper"

 Harlan H

Thanks... this is how all appraisers should do collector cars .... nice..   thanks again...  
Wayne J


Thanks a lot for the nice words about the car and especially the craftsmanship that is evident. I passed your appraisal over to my restorer, Cody Pearson, he will appreciate your comments as much or more than I do.

Your appraisal came in exactly where I expected it to. For sure you can expect that I will send future business your way. Cody has 2 other cars of mine that are in his shop, you will be appraising both of them.

Thanks again and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Warmest Regards,

Myles N



 Thank you for the quick turn around on the appraisal.  The report is thorough and well written.  I will keep your information for future use and in case anyone that I know needs your services.

Thanks again,

Paul C    1969 Mustang Mach SCJ

All I can say is that I am lucky I found you!

Thank you very much

Let's talk tomorrow

Mark B


Good morning, Denny.

Thank you so much for the comprehensive appraisal.  I am truly impressed and pleased with the appraisal on the '69 Chev Impala.  I have forwarded your email to Tom Linnell at Quality Insurance and will increase my coverage as I was only insured for $4,000.

Tom and I were discussing appraisers and he asked me to share my experience, so I already contacted him and will drop off your business cards.

Best regards,
Cindy T

Hi Denny,

 I received the appraisal and everything looks good.  I do appreciate very much how quickly you were able to get me scheduled, how you worked with me having to reschedule, and especially how quickly you were able to turn around a finished report.  I am very impressed and will look to use you again for any appraisal needs I may have. I might need an appraisal on the Nova we have coming as well but won't know for sure until I hear back from my insurance.  I will let you know if I do.  Thanks again and it was a pleasure meeting you. 
Kevin R



Thanks for the prompt, expert service. I think this is probably just the first of many more to come. Feel free to share your appraisal with Jeremy. I will certainly be in touch. Thanks again.
Chris H.

 Good morning Denny!

I want to thank you profusely for the great detail in your appraisal and letters. These are perfect for what is needed by the county.

Have a wonderful week!
Patty D, LSW

Thanks, Denny.  Makes me feel good after all the many hours of work I put into this car.  As it turns out, it was well worth it.  My cohorts have been telling me for years that I sell my cars too low.  In the future, I will get an estimate from you before putting them for sale.  I also appreciate your "second opinions" and they have given me some fuel for thought in terms of replacing the engine.
Rick A